21 de janeiro de 2009

New Challenges Professionals!

Learn how to direct your IT Challenge


computer_time_to_upgrade171Many people always ask for references on computer courses. The first time is always more difficult to specify a statement, especially when I do not know what the purpose or the limitations of people - usually a professional.  The indication of a stroke is effective when we have a clear goal.

For people who have no knowledge in the area is interesting to begin with basic course, which consists of general knowledge of computer and operating system, internet, word processors, presentation software, spreadsheet and database.  However there are three levels according to degree of difficulty: introductory, intermediate, and advanced.

In the introductory part, basically it would get to know the working environment such as on and off the computer and identify the components, using the Internet browser and, besides knowing about the production of components for text, presentations, calculations and data. All this in order to familiarize the student with an environmental terms, tools and functions very different from day-to-day who does not work with computers. . As the student masters each item and to deepen more in the matter also causes increases the difficulty and therefore knowledge.  Over time the specific needs and the students themselves often appear able to identify and harness their knowledge to a more specific study.

For those in need of an upgrade that brings professional knowledge and the new professional challenges interesting is a professional certification.  Certification is something common among IT professionals, and is widely used in selection processes for choosing professionals.  A certified person is qualified to work with too much software or hardware and / or product / service. Professional certification is the fastest way to get a professional to more competitive labor market, and recycle themselves, and give conditions to obtain better wages. The most common certifications, and one of the most sought are those of Microsoft (www.microsoft.com.br), the GNU / Linux (www.lpi.org) and Cisco (www.cisco.com), among others .

The transmitter and maintainer of certifications from Microsoft and Cisco is the company itself, and the issuing of the certification of GNU / Linux is "Linux Professional Institute - LPI, it is interesting that the LPI is distribution neutral and evidence is based on the LSB - Linux Standard Base, ie, a set of rules that maintains compatibility between different versions and operating system distributions. But the commercial distributions of Linux Red Hat (www.redhat.com), popularized their certifications.

Something to alert it that when we seek new challenges just forgetting to list the real needs, and finally ended up creating new problems.  Thus, when directing his new challenge will be very important to be aware of the reality of what you like and feels pleasure in doing. Remember that to become a certified practitioner takes a lot of dedication and time.  The professional certificate is highly ordered and should always be prepared and updated to work in diverse environments.

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